Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Team El Salvador?

Team El Salvador is a 4-week intensive professional experience in which students from the Monterey Institute of International Studies travel to the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador to engage in development work. (3 weeks are spent on the ground in El Salvador and 1 week is spent preparing before arriving in El Salvador.)  Additionally, the teams spend approximately 1 month upon return to Monterey finishing final project reports.

Can everyone who wants to participate in Team El Salvador partipate?

Team El Salvador is open to all MIIS programs.  However, all prospective team members must undergo a competitive application and interview process.  Portions of the written application and the 30-minute interviews will be conducted in Spanish.  A writing brief writing sample may also be requested.  Due to program capacity there is limited space available.

What is the language requirement for Team El Salvador?

Because of the demands of the practicum work, all team members must be at least at the intermediate Spanish level (high 300 to 400 level) unless there is an exceptional combination of skills that would compensate for a lower level of Spanish competence.

What is the cost of participation?

The cost of attendance is approximately $3,062.  This fee includes room and board with a Salvadoran host family, airfare, in-country transportation, and weekend excursions.  Fees do not include tuition and personal expenses.   Students may be eligible to receive financial aid (US citizens and Green Card holders) to cover the cost of participation and tuition, if and only if they will be earning course credits. The program fee, airfare, and lodging are also eligible for reimbursement through immersive learning funding through Student Council. Completion of an immersive learning application is required.

Estimated Student Budget

Program El Salvador
Dates Jan. 2-24
Vaccinations and Prescriptions 100
Visa and/or Exit/Entry Fees’Tourist Card 10
Third Party Program Fee (Logistics, Room & Board may be included) 1210
Cultural Immersion (Rwanda Only) NA
MIIS Program Fee 442
Lodging inc.
Food inc.
Local Transportation/Site Visits/Flight 300
Airfare 700
Airport Transportation 150
Misc. (snacks, meals not covered by program fee, toiletries, etc.) 150
Total 3062

Can I get academic credit for participating in Team El Salvador?

Participants may receive up to 8 units of credit.  This credit must be split into a maximum of 4 Spanish language credits which would go toward fulfilling second language requirements and 4 elective credits.  Team El Salvador J-Term practicum may also fulfill the GSIPM Culminating Experiences requirement. (Students choosing to receive Spanish credit may choose between 2-4 credits, depending on the deliverables they negotiate with  Spanish Department Program Coordinator, Professor Pablo Oliva.)  Please consult an academic advisor to see how Team El Salvador can complement your course work.

How are projects chosen?

The leadership team consults with La Coordinadora – Asociación Mangle, our Salvadoran partner organization,  to develop and define projects based on the strategic plans of their organization.  Project areas include environmental protection, micro-business, youth education, sustainable agriculture, organizational capacity building and more.

Please e-mail us at teamelsalvadormiis@gmail.com if you have additional questions!

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