Video Blogs

January 4th: Susy Valle talks about her first day of work in El Salvador and meeting with the Board of Directors to discuss the Agricultural Production project.

January 6th: Megan Christenson talks about her day working with the Environmental Eco-tourism team.

January 8th: Mike Atoria narrates the walk from his host house to the dorms where the student leaders stay and where we spend many hours working.

January 12th: Scott Depies talks about his experience working with the Waste Management team.

January 14th: Antonio Armendariz talks about working as an interpreter for Team Monterey and some of the challenges and rewards of his position here.

January 19th: Emily Hanks, team leader, talks about her work on the Environmental Team working to establish an Ecotourism business model for local communities.

January 19th: Steve Wuerth talks about his experience on the Environmental Team, his adventures, and his new found friend…

January 19th: Sarah Schwid talks about her time working with the Environmental Team in El Salvador.

January 20th: Brooke Greco shares her experience on Team Monterey as part of the Infrastructure Team working to establish a model for a waste management system for local communities.

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