Himalayan Climate Initiative

The Himalayan Climate Initiative is a registered Not-for-profit organization in Nepal that promotes inclusion and builds resilience in Nepali society by innovating, incubating and sustaining replicable philanthropic initiatives and social enterprises. They advocate Nepal to choose a zero-carbon economic growth trajectory.

Building an Economy that is Fair and Sustainable.

The liberal economic model followed the world over has done wonderful things for the humanity. Yet, it fell short of being fair to hundreds of millions at the bottom of the economic pyramid who were left to live in a vicious cycle of misery and poverty.

Nepal follows and is likely to follow the same widely accepted-yet- lopsided model. We, through our innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives, make the ‘markets’ work for the poor.

Finding Smart Solutions- Building all round Climate Resilience

The liberal economic model, with its sole emphasis on economic efficiency, ended up making our progress environmentally unsustainable. Climate Change is a direct result of that.

The threats of Climate Change in the Himalayas are huge and real. Nepal, sitting at the center of the Himalayas, is one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world. The response of Nepali society has to be significant and all round. We work with all strata of Nepali society- both rural and urban; we work with businesses, industries, consumers to develop all round climate resilience in Nepali society and economy. We work with international agencies, and global personalities from various walks to seek their support in our mission.

We design, incubate and accelerate inclusive and climate-smart initiatives and make them sustainable in partnership with variety of agencies. Once sustainable, we scale up the initiatives, and create a governance structure around them making them into thriving organizations in their own rights.

Building a large pool of Young Leaders for a better tomorrow

We recognize that the enormity of task at hand to fulfill our mission requires rightful actions and leadership much beyond the time span of a single generation. We commit ourselves whole heartedly in creating a large pool of young Nepali Leaders who would continue to steer our society and economy on a fair and sustainable path.