CNS Experts Quoted Widely on North Korea Nuclear Test

Experts at the Middlebury Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation provided extensive analysis and commentary to national and international media on the latest missile test by North Korea—around the same time they were hit with a cyber-attack.

New Class of Dean’s Fellows Dreams Big

The new class of Middlebury Institute Dean’s Fellows includes students from around the world who are passionate about the environment, education, security, intercultural communication and social change, reflecting a commitment to the mission of the Institute.

Creating an E-Portfolio

Creating an e-portfolio is a great way to showcase your past and present work, as well as build your professional web presence. You may wonder why you should bother putting your information in an online portfolio. For one, résumés are boring. No pictures, no videos, no flair, and very little personality. On a website, you can link […]

The World According to Student April Danyluk

Middlebury Institute student April Danyluk has lived, work and traveled all over the world yet remains centered and grounded; she recently shared what she’s learned along the way with the Communiqué.

“When is your data not data…?”

I heard a joke the other day, and it started with something like that. This joke was funny to me, not because the punchline was perfectly timed and delivered with just right amount of dryness, but because this initial statement perfectly reflected the challenges we as Arctic researchers have been facing over the summer. In […]

Resource Fair Brings Community to Campus

The annual fall Student Community Resource Fair at the Middlebury Institute offered students the opportunity to connect with dozens of local organizations and businesses offering both services and potential job opportunities.

Last Night

“When you’re looking up there, do you know how to tell a planet from a star?” While walking under amber streetlights, a friend noticed me staring overhead. I said that I didn’t know constellations; I meant to learn but they escaped me. With a broad gesture and the easy grace of a performer, he took me […]

Demo Day to Monterey

That was the fastest and busiest summer I’ve ever had. Van life was a whirlwind that consisted of waking up each morning, jumping in the ocean, getting coffee, and then working for 12+ hours each day trying to balance developing our prototype, refining and practicing our pitch, meeting with everyone we possibly could, and working […]

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