Welcome Spring Term Students!

Winter is over and spring is here! That means warmer weather and new beginnings. We welcomed 12 new students this month to join us for the spring term. Everyone is busy learning and making friends already! Spring activities have also gotten off to fun start. The first weekend of the term brought the Good Old Days street festival and fair in neighboring Pacific Grove. Students were able to enjoy their choice of food from around the world, music, dancing, art stalls, and more.

Good old daysballoons

There was even a petting zoo!

petting zoo

And since we were in Pacific Grove, we figured we just had to take a walk over to Lover’s Point for some ocean air!

lovers point wave

lovers point group

The following weekend brought the Monterey’s Institute’s own annual celebration, the International Bazaar.  Again, students were able to enjoy music, dancing, and foods from around the world (some from their own home countries!).

intl bazaar group

ESL students were also had the opportunity to to mingle with other MIIS students.intl bazaar nicole

intl bazaar crepe

There’s nothing like a chocolate crepe on a warm, sunny day!  Hope to see you at the next event!


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