Where We Work

2017: A Country Focus

In summer and fall of 2016 the core Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL) team went through a CSIL 2020 strategic vision rollout. Part of our work throughout this process was identifying a group of target countries in which CSIL would invest in long-term, sustainable partnerships. Our focus on working in emerging market countries remains steadfast. We’ve chosen hone our focus on 8 target countries due to four key factors:

  1. Safety and travel reliability (in collaboration with our Global Operations team at Middlebury);
  2. Geographic diversity;
  3. Language expertise taught at Middlebury and MIIS
  4.  Number of existing partners with potential for long-term growth

As we enter an exciting growth period for CSIL, we believe that a strong focus in each of these countries will allow us to build mutually beneficial, meaningful working relationships between the CSIL staff, CSIL participants and CSIL partners, which will enrich the networks and partnerships of the Ambassador Corps alumni. 

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