MIIS Committee on Art in Public Places

We are pleased to announce the creation of the MIIS Committee on Art in Public Places (CAPP). This group will mirror the College’s CAPP that was established on the Vermont Campus in 1994.

The idea for MIIS CAPP started through a design-thinking activity that explored findings from the 2015 “Live the Brand” report. MIIS community members brainstormed ways to illustrate the transformative experience. After monthly meetings in spring 2015, the group determined the need for coordination and use of public art as one method for showcasing the learning journeys and transformative experiences of the MIIS community.

In service of this aim, MIIS CAPP has been charged with achieving the following goals:

  • Establish a program of exhibition of art in public places.
  • Illustrate the mission of the Institute, as well as the work of our students and alumni, by providing interesting and challenging artwork of high quality.
  • Elicit gifts and loans of artwork that can enhance the aesthetic and educational mission of the Institute.
  • Involve a broad representation of the community in choosing, placing, and interpreting art in public places to improve overall campus aesthetic, while preserving historical pieces.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments to secure funding for the purchase, installation, maintenance, and interpretation of works of art in public places.
  • Work with relevant departments to ensure the security and care of these objects.

We look forward to bringing a unified approach to public art displays on campus to illustrate and improve the MIIS experience.

Upcoming Events

Photography Exhibit Presentation: 55 Inches

Tuesday, April 17, 12:30-2:00pm, Irvine Auditorium & McCone Atrium

Join photographer Oliver Klink, painter Jennifer Koney, and climate activist Claudia McDonaugh for a presentation on the photography exhibit “55 Inches” currently hanging in the McCone atrium. Through the abstract paintings of Jennifer Koney and the lens of photographer Oliver Klink, the exhibit explores the concept of sea level rise, how this happens and what it looks like. Koney and Klink aim to educate and inspire change through their paintings and photographs. The presentation will begin at 12:30pm in Irvine Auditorium and will be followed by a reception and a chance to explore the exhibit on display in the McCone Atrium. This event is hosted by the MIIS Committee for Art in Public Places.

Speaker Information

Oliver Klink, photographer, will be showing his photographs that take the viewer along on an expedition through the Antarctic and shows wildlife in its natural habitat and the stunning beauty of ice and the melting giants that are glaciers. Oliver’s studies in physics and photography were the catalyst for his love of light and the complexity of our existence. As a fine art photographer, he travels the world to capture the intricacy of our ecosystems. His artistic goal is telling stories with his images, making the viewers dream, and providing a glimpse of the “world as it should be”.

Jennifer Koney, painter, will be showing some of her abstract paintings related to 55 inches and will talk about global sea level rise, its impact on the California shoreline and San Francisco Bay more specifically and her involvement with grassroots advocacy organization Citizen’s Climate Lobby.

Claudia McDonaugh, climate activist and chapter leader for Citizens Climate Lobby will focus on national policies to address climate change. Citizen’s Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering their supporters to work in keeping with the concerns of their local communities, Citizens Climate Lobby works towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions. In order to generate the political will necessary for passage of the organization’s Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal the organization train and support volunteers to build relationships with elected officials, the media and their local community.

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