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Please send us an e-mail at build@miis.edu

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Spring 2016 Officers: 

Administrators: Terra Leigh & Neil Hetrick

Public Relations/Marketing: Seth Joyner and Susan Wang

Spring 2013 Officers:

Admin. Coordinators & Treasurers: Stephanie Loiselle & Christian van den Akker

Teacher Support: Claire Ballon

Marketing/Outreach & Tech/Blog Support: Paul Sonnier and Lucas Olson

Events Coordinators: Dulce Munoz and Vanessa Caudill


Fall 2012 Officers:

Angie Petinos & Karen Wong: Co-Presidents

Caitlin Etienne: Advertising, Marketing Outreach and Treasurer

Sendy Ramos: Blog Administrator

Lauren Breretton: Teacher Support


 Spring 2012 Officers:

Angie Petinos & Karen Wong: Co-Presidents

Kasey Carmichael: Vice President and Treasurer

Arash Asady & Sendy Ramos: Advertising, Marketing, and Outreach

Bryan McClellan: Teacher Support


Fall 2011 Officers:

Becky Bierman, President

Bryan McClellan, Vice President

Eliz Tchakarian, Teacher Training

Patrick Gaebler, Marketing


7 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Kaveh says:

    I just learned about these classes. It is possible to join a class mid-semester? If not, when does the next semester start? Thanks!

  2. Sendy Ramos says:

    Yes you can always join a class 🙂

  3. מועדנים לבת מצווה says:

    אירועים חוגגים באולם אירועים בראשון לציון מומלץ! וגם ב מסיבת בת מצווה וגם ב התאנה

  4. christine bergdoll says:

    I just found out about the BUILD classes and am so excited to participate in them for French. I hope that the schedule with be out soon

  5. Jim Hollingsworth says:

    I would be interested in beginning or intermediate Farsi practice or class, to refresh my language skills, I’m retired now, and once lived in Teheran for several years. -James/ Carmel.

  6. Joanne Kelly says:

    Is the BUILD Italian class on Thursday, 9/21 at 3 PM or 6 PM? Thank you.

  7. Francisca Hilbert says:

    Are B.U.I.L.D. classes still being offered? I’m interested in Japanese & Spanish.

    Thank you,


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