Earthbound Farms

July 31, 2015

The site visit to Earthbound Farms in Carmel today brought me back to my “roots” in more ways than one.  I have always been an advocate for organic eating and healthy living.  I come from a family where KRAFT mac&cheese and soda were things that I didn’t hear about until I started primary school.  We […]

Rancho Cielo 30 Jul 2015

July 31, 2015

It was such an incredible experience to see a tangible example of peace building in action at Rancho Cielo. Most of the lectures we have been attending are largely theoretical and partially discussion based, and generally, in a purely intellectual environment it is becomes easy to fall into a continuously critical or even pessimistic mode. […]

Economic Inequality in Developing Countries

July 30, 2015

  My name is Emebet Hailemariam Tessema from Harar, Ethiopia and I am one of the participants of the Summer Peacebuilding Program at MIIS. I really enjoyed today’s lecture on Economic inequality by Dr.Jeff Dayton- Johnson. It was a wonderful learning experience as he integrated figures, discussions and small-group works, which I thought were active […]

The Inequality, the Neoliberalism, and the Structural Violence

July 29, 2015

Two sessions stuck out to me today. The first was about the economics of income inequality and the second dealt with the the political history/hegemony which has led us into not only income inequality but in addition an exclusionary system due to the continued shrinking of public space. Dr. Dayton-Johnson worked with us through some […]

Neoliberal solutions for neoliberal problems: patching the leaks in the water industry

July 29, 2015

Dr. Jeff Langholz has a grand idea about revolutionising the water industry in a time of crisis. His solution to water disputes was born here in Monterey, and is taking the form of WaterCity, a for-profit social adventure which, even in its infancy, has promising solutions to the issue of water scarcity, namely here in […]

Challenging Challenge Questions

July 29, 2015

My name is Kimberly and I have been Dr. Iyer’s Grad Assistant since December 2014, preparing for this summer. From the perspective of someone working behind the scenes on the Summer Peacebuilding Program, one of the most exciting aspects of the program is the challenge question component. This component is basically a real world simulation […]

7-year-old Peacebuilders

July 27, 2015

The Summer Peacebuilding Program started off by throwing us into the water, heads first, tackling some of the most challenging questions regarding the nature of peace, violence, and the peacebuilding process. One thing that became clear quickly, above anything else, is that we don’t all talk about the same thing when we talk about peace, […]

Day 1. Hi, my name is Peace. Nice to meet you SPP participant!

July 27, 2015

My name is Julmar Carcedo from Mindanao, Philippines and I am a Summer Peacebuilding Program participant here at MIIS!  I just need to point out that coming all the way here to MIIS was super worth it. Monterey and MIIS are perfect complements. After meeting my co-participants and the program organizers yesterday at our welcome […]

Beginning the inaugural Summer Peacebuilding Program!

July 26, 2015

The Center for Conflict Studies is gearing up for the opening reception of the inaugural Summer Peacebuilding Program here in Monterey. We are very excited to welcome 17 participants from all around the world to participate in three weeks of sessions, site visits, and research. Please follow us on Twitter @MIISCCS and on Facebook at […]