Unbound classpath container: “JRE System Library – Resolved

When you first created or imported a Java project in eclipse, you may probably end up confronting an unexpected problem – the project could work well on its original workplace (either a computer or a server), but on your computer, the system just repeatedly showed you an error that reads “Unbound Classpath Container: JRE System Library”; at which point it was no longer likely to proceed with your coding or reading. As shown below:

Fortunately, now you have this magnificent post (yes, you’re not wrong – definitely the one you’re now staring at) that will walk you through steps that can be taken to address this problem.

But first, I should probably start by identifying how this problem came forth in the first place – the mismatch between the already-built-up library in your Eclipse Setting and your Java Variables Work Environment. To resolve this issue, you need to re-configure library to make it fit to your JRE.

Step 1:

Right-click on your project; select “properties”

Step 2:

Go to “Java Build Path” – “Libraries”

Step 3:

Select  your JRE System Library that went wrong; then click on “remove”

Step 4:

Click on “Add Library”; choose “JRE System Library”

Step 5:

Select “Workspace Default JRE” ; you may also choose “installed JREs” if you have one.

Step 6:

Click on “OK”

Now the issue is resolved.


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