Study Abroad Fair

On Wednesday, October 1st, Peralta Community College District held its Study Abroad Fair!  I had the opportunity to create marketing materials, conduct campus outreach and speak to individual students.  It was a great experience!  I hope that more students will be encouraged to research their study abroad options.Study Abroad Fair_24

(Photo Courtesy of Wilfred Galila)

Study Abroad Fair Outreach

As of the beginning of September, I am now consulting for the Office of International Education with the Peralta Community College District.  One of my projects has been working on our Study Abroad Fair, which is planned for WIMG_5571ednesday, October 1st. In order to spread the word, I have been tabling at the various campuses in order to meet interested students.  It’s been great talking to them about their study abroad options!


The End of the Summer Bridge

IMG_3464After 3 months, my time with the USPP Summer Bridge program came to an end.  It was an exciting and fact-paced summer that provided me with an experience I’ll never forget.  Having the opportunity to meet and work with students from Nigeria was an amazing experience.  Their energy was infectious and inspiring.  This was one of my favorite students who came to me throughout the summer to help her with any problems she was having.  It was a pleasure to help her become acclimated to the US socially and academically.

NAFSA Regional 12 Northern District Conference

photo 1Today I attended another NAFSA Conference.  Unlike the conference in November, this one was just the Northern California District of Region 12.  There was only about 150 participants today, however,  it was still a great day full of presentations and networking.  I am continually excited as I learn and discover more facets of the international education field.

Two sessions that I attended were focused on aspects of the international student and scholar portion of international education.  One session was entitled, “Community Groups: Costs & Benefits of Building Bridges into the Community.”  This session highlighted some best practices of international offices partnering with local community organizations to provide programs for international students and scholars.  The other session was entitled, “Gray Areas in International Student Advising,” which addressed unclear areas of the Code of Federal Regulations with regards to a student’s immigration status.  Both were quite informative!

This picture represents the majority of our MIIS contingent that was at the conference today.

photo 2 copy

(Photo courtesy of Jayna Winn)

MIIS Career Fair

photoI, along with a fellow colleague, had the opportunity to represent WorldTeach at the MIIS Career Fair.  As a former Field Director and volunteer for the organization, I was excited to speak with individuals about the  experience that WorldTeach has to offer.  Being able to help the organization that radically changed my life path was a great way for me to give back.  It was a fun afternoon!!

(Photo courtesy of Jill Stoffers)

Mock Recruitment Fair

photo-2Last week in my Marketing and Recruitment class, we held a mock recruitment fair where we represented our clients, which we have been working with over the past two months.  This gave us a chance to test out our skills and learn more about other clients in our class.

(Photo courtesy of Mallory Nimis)

Poster Fair

IMG_0460A couple of weeks ago, we had a Poster Fair in my Principles & Practices class.  Each student was tasked with presenting an organization that works in International Education.  I chose IES Abroad, which is a 3rd party study abroad provider.  It was a fun afternoon in which I was able to learn a lot about different organizations working in the field.