As a part of the International Education Management program at MIIS, I completed a six month practicum gaining more experience in a professional setting while designing and completing a number of deliverables.

My projects were completed at an independent school in Monterey educating 8th-12th graders.

As the School takes on the challenge of international education, I will develop a number of deliverables, or projects, to aid in the process.

My Deliverables:

1. International Student Orientation: A planning and activity guide for handling the arrival of new international students.

2. Campus Internationalization Plan: An outline and rationale of steps for a smooth internationalization process.

3. International Student Advisory: A course for first-year international students.

4. International Fair: A design for an event where all students, international and domestic, bi-cultural and multi-cultural, can present on their own cultural background.

5. Interviewing for Success: An admission resource for those interviewing international students.

6. International Buddy Program: A design and assessment plan for an international partner program.

7. Academic Honesty Workshop: A short training to help international students understand the cultural aspects and importance of academic integrity.