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Fernando DePaolis Chairs Panel at Spatial Econometrics Conference

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Dr. Fernando DePaolis, Chair of the International Policy Studies Program, chaired a panel and presented twice at the IV World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association in Chicago earlier this month.

During the conference, organized by Purdue University, Dr. DePaolis presented two papers, “OpenSource Spatial Analysis Tools: Impact on Professional Practice in Government, Business and Nonprofit Organizations” and “Processes of Economic Openness, Growth and Urban Concentration: Are Developing Countries Different?”.  In addition, he chaired a session on Infrastructure and Technology and participated in the closing panel on “teaching spatial econometrics.”

If you’re wondering “What in the world is spatial econometrics?!?”, you are not alone!  Here’s a helpful description:  Spatial econometrics is a blanket term for statistical tests and models used to address potential issues introduced by the presence of spatial effects in regression analysis.

If you want to learn more, you’ll have to ask Dr. DePaolis!

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