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MonTREP Director Jeff Bale gives presentation at Pittsburgh conference on “Violent Armed Groups”

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On September 16, 2010, GSIPM Associate Professor and MonTREP Director Jeffrey M. Bale presented a talk entitled “Levels of Terrorist Connectivity: Hit Teams, Connected Cells, Autonomous Cells, and ‘Lone Wolves'” at a conference held at the University of Pittsburgh.

That conference, whose theme was “Violent Armed Groups: A Global Challenge,” was co-sponsored by the Matthew B. Ridgeway Center for International Security Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and the Strategic Studies Institute at the Army War College. Its aim was to bring together leading specialists on different types of violent armed groups – terrorists, insurgents, criminal gangs, etc. – in order to present updated information on, and to develop more innovative, nuanced approaches to understanding and coping with, these important global political actors.

The speakers and audience members included academic experts, military analysts and practitioners, and security studies students from the University of Pittsburgh.

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