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MIIS professor cited in Reuters report

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MIIS professor Gordon M. Hahn was cited in a recent Reuters report, “Russia’s Islamist rebels mull new “state” language.”  Prof. Hahn’s report “My Islam, Islamism and Politics,” published in Eurasia Report, was referenced in a news report on militants waging an Islamist insurgency in Russia’s North Caucasus region proposing to use either Arabic or a Turkic language as a lingua franca for their affairs.

To switch to Arabic would highlight what analysts say is the insurgency’s dependence on intellectual and financial patronage from the Middle East and from Islamist groups like al Qaeda.  Prof. Hahn was quoted as saying “It may be that this is part of someone’s campaign to foster greater knowledge of Arabic among the Caucasus Emirate Mujahideen.”

To read the article, please access this link, Terrorism expert quoted in Reuters

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