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Presentation on Medical Device Localization

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Who: All MIIS faculty, staff and students

What: “Medical Device Localization: A day in the life of a localization manager”

When: 12:00-2:00 pm Wednesday February 23, 2011

Where: Irvine Auditorium

Guest Lecturer: Richard Korn

The world of a localization manager at a medical device company is exciting and diverse.  Products that diagnose or treat life threatening conditions require heightened quality and a focus on procedures and regulations.  The growth of international markets for medical devices in recent years emphasizes the importance of exploring creative localization and testing techniques.  Regulatory, marketing, technical and quality goals all play a part in the day of a localization manager.

The juggling act continues as the regulations shift, at times, on a weekly or daily basis.  Please join Richard Korn as he discusses the unique nature of medical device localization and how he formed a localization unit at St. Jude Medical from the ground up.

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