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ACS-MB Lecture: Climate Change and Antarctic Ecosystems: A Role in Peril”

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The American Cetacean Society- Monterey Bay Chapter is holding its monthly meeting at Hopkins Marine Station.  The meeting is open to the public

Who: Speaker George Somero, Ph.D., Associate Director Hopkins Marine Station

What: “Climate Change and Antarctic Ecosystems: A Role in Peril”

When: Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:00 pm

Where: Hopkins Marine Station, Lecture Hall, Across from the American Tin Cannery Outlet Stores

Dr. George Somero, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, will talk about Antarctica with a focus on how climate change is having wide-ranging effects on the marine ecosystem there–from phytoplankton to mammals.  Dr. Somero, a veteran of many trips to the Antarctic, has studied this extreme environment for several decades.  One of the on going programs in his lab at Hopkins involves studies designed to…”reveal further aspects of the effects of…warming on marine species in an attempt to allow predictions of how this warming may affect biogeographic patterning with latitude and along vertical gradients.”

Please join the ACS for this special program presented in the context of Antarctic ecosystems.  This promises to be an informative and entertaining evening.

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