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Kate Bollinger, MIIS Alumni, Publishes Paper in ASPECT

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Kate Bollinger, MIIS ’12 and recipient of the Boren Fellowship, was recently published by ASPECT-Asian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Transformation.  Kate’s paper, entitled “Environmental Security in Nepal: Background and Analysis”,  can be found on the ASPECT website. Congratulations to Kate on her recent accomplishment!

Short excerpt from “Environmental Security: Background and Analysis”:
“As a Himalayan country reliant on a diminishing glacial water supply  and also a country in which over 80% of the population relies on the  land for sustenance, Nepal is in a particularly sensitive  environmental position. Despite the growing recognition of the  importance of environmental security considerations in today?s world,  few countries have a working definition of environmental security  which links definition to an action plan. Environmental governance  must recognize that social, economic, and political stability are  intrinsically linked to environmental stability. Non-state actors,  such as conservation organizations, also play a key role in these  efforts. The regionally-focused nature of their efforts is vital in a  country in which land usage and terrain varies so widely.

This discussion highlights the growing consensus that there should be  a transition from a state-centered to a human-centered approach to  security in which issues such as food security, community security,  and environmental security are central.”

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