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The Rosenthal Fellowship

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The Rosenthal Fellowship, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), provides the opportunity to spend a summer in Washington, DC working on foreign affairs issues at a U.S. government agency or department, including:


· United States Congress

· State Department

· Department of Defense

· other federal agencies


The Fellowship program is open to graduate students enrolled in APSIA member schools and returning to school following the internship. The Fellowship provides both an internship placement and stipend of $2,000. However, students may also apply for funding only if an internship has already been obtained or for internship placement only if funding from another source has already been obtained. Students must be nominated by their school and applications are submitted by the school. Please consult your school’s Career Services Office about the internal application and nomination process.


“This Fellowship provided me with my first experience and view into policy and decision making within the U.S. Government…I am thrilled to say that I learned something new every day while on the job and had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the Pentagon.” David Rosenblum, Georgetown University


“This was an absolutely fantastic experience and I could not have asked for a better placement. At first I was a bit apprehensive about being placed with INL because it is a functional bureau, and I thought I wanted a true policy position…This experience has completely changed my career aspirations – I never would have considered concentrating in rule of law or law enforcement before working here.“ – Marie Kurth, University of Minnesota


The program also helps to integrate Fellows into the larger foreign affairs community in Washington, including offices and committees in Congress, the Executive branch, local universities, and seminars in the area. Fellows attend after-hours events which range from happy hours to career development workshops, where they have the opportunity to network with Rosenthal alumni and other policy professionals. Additionally, fellows are given preferred consideration for the European Union Visitors Program (EVP), jointly sponsored by the European Commission and the European Parliament. To date, the EVP has chosen at least one Rosenthal Fellow almost every year.


“Treasury’s East Asia office is a fantastic place to intern. The team tries hard to incorporate the interns into the daily operations of the office and they are very appreciative of the interns’ contributions…The staff encourages interns to attend events at think tanks in Washington and compile a summary of the main points for the staff to read.” – Matt Southerland, University of Maryland


Description: Description: Description: Picture18.jpgTO APPLY

Each APSIA member school may recommend up to three candidates per year. A faculty committee will review the applications and make nomination decisions. Student applications should include the following materials in the order listed:



1. The application form

2. A resume

3. Official transcript of undergraduate work and graduate work, as applicable

4. A two-page original essay written for this application on an international relations topic of the student’s choice. The essay should not refer to the applicant

5. A reference letter. We recommend that the reference be written by a professor or professional associate with direct knowledge of the applicant





· January 9, 2012, 5PM (Monday): Monterey Institute Internal Deadline for Applicants

· January 23, 2012 (Monday): APSIA Schools Submit Nominated Applicants

· February 13, 2012 (Monday): Semi-finalist Announcement

· March 5, 2012 (Monday): Semi-finalist Interviews with selection committee

· March 6, 2012 (Tuesday): Finalist interviews with internship offices. Finalists will be notified of results within one week of interviewing with internship office


For more information about the Fellowship, please see The Rosenthal Fellowship web page at, or contact Leigh Morris Sloane


Last year, Chunhua Chen (IPS ’11) received the fellowship and spent the summer working in the office of Congressman Bruce Braley. She is now pursuing a PhD at George Washington University.


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