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Nominations Now Being Accepted for the Leslie Eliason Excellence in Teaching Award

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The Leslie Eliason Excellence in Teaching Award is a prestigious Monterey Institute award that recognizes outstanding contributions as a classroom teacher by a faculty member of the Monterey Institute of International Studies. This award is especially meaningful to the Institute because it honors the memory of Professor Leslie Eliason, well recognized for her commitment to quality teaching and to her students and their education. 
Regular faculty members from the MIIS community are eligible for consideration.  The faculty member, who is selected, will receive a $10K stipend and will be recognized at a special ceremony and reception.  We are also discussing with the donor whether the recipient of this award can be our December graduation speaker.  The award must be used for professional development, such as conference registrations, fees, and travel; release time from classes for research or training purposes; or acquisition of materials for curriculum development or research.
The award will be announced in late April 2012 and must be used by August 31, 2013, at which time a report summarizing the professional development and expenditures made will be due to the Community Foundation, the group overseeing the disbursement of these funds on behalf of the Payne family.  A short interim report will be due approximately one year after the award.  Faculty recipients of this Excellence in Teaching Award are not eligible to receive the award more than once in a four-year period.
The selection process for this award is as follows: 
1) The Provost will request nominations from students, faculty, and staff of the MIIS community. 
·        To nominate a faculty member, letters should be addressed to the Leslie Eliason Excellence in Teaching Committee and should explain why the nominee’s performance as a teacher merits the Excellence in Teaching Award.
·        Nomination letters should address specifically the award criteria outlined below and include examples from personal experience with the instructor. Nomination letters without such information will not be accepted.
2) The Provost will establish a Selection Committee consisting of 3 faculty, 3 students, and 1 staff member to be responsible for selecting the faculty member to receive this award. 
3) The Committee will review the nominations and make their selections based on the award criteria outlined below.
4) Once the selection has been finalized and announced in late April with a reception and ceremony scheduled in early September to honor the recipient. 
Award Criteria
The award recipient should:
  • Foster a sense of excitement in the classroom that stimulates the students’ learning process and creates a dynamic interactive learning space;
  • Inspire in students further pursuit of knowledge, especially relating to global issues/challenges;
  • Demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of his/her chosen area of expertise;
  • Enhance classroom discussion and interaction with the use of collaborative and innovative tools and pedagogy;
  • Be responsive to student needs, providing timely evaluation and feedback of student work;
  • Demonstrate intercultural competence and respect for all students;
  • Have a good rapport with students in and out of the classroom.
Nominations will be due to the Provost by March 5, 2012.

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