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Access your Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) Syllabi with ease!

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Any syllabi for the Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) can be located on our Moodle/Ilearn website (  To find GSIPM  syllabi please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Moodle. The webpage for Moodle is Moodle requires a username and password. The username (use only your account name and password are the same as those used to log in to your MIIS email account. If you are a registered student but do not have a MIIS email account, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 831-647-6656. If you are participating in a course but are not registered in a degree or certificate program, contact your instructor to request that the ITS Help Desk create a Moodle/iLearn account for you.
  2. Once logged on to Moodle, the GSIPM Front Desk can be found as a link in the right hand column. Click on “International Policy and Management (GSIPM).”
  3. On the International Policy and Management (GSIPM) page, you will find folders containing syllabi listed by semester (Fall 2011, Spring 2011, etc.)
  4. Some professors also have a separate course Moodle site to post syllabi, course reading materials, and host news and discussions forums, etc. You may need to contact the professor directly for the specific “enrollment key” necessary to access the course Moodle site.


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