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Winter/Spring Programs with Foundation of Sustainable Development (FSD)

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The Foundation for Sustainable Development is currently accepting applications for the Winter/Spring Programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia sites. FSD training programs are highly immersive, bringing students, professionals, and retirees on-site to support critical grassroots initiatives. Rather than work on aid-based, short-term projects, participants collaborate with community partners to enhance local capacity to address health, social, environmental, and economic issues. With ongoing support from FSD Site Teams, all programs include: orientation, family homestay, language and grassroots development trainings, seed Grant + access to additional funding for strong projects, hands-on project development experience, debriefing sessions, cultural activities, and access to FSD’s Alumni Connect program.

1) Intern Abroad for 9-52 weeks (with opportunities for funding for public health students through the Evans Memorial Scholarship ($3k)

2) Global Service Trip for 1-4 weeks for student groups in J-term

3) ProCorps Volunteering for 10 days to 12 weeks for professionals

Deadline is November 1, 2013. For ore information on application process and financial support, click here.

Founded in 1995, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) enhances the capacity of community organizations around the world to address local health, social, environmental, and economic issues. Our model incorporates four programs that support underserved communities in a collaborative and sustainable manner: Capacity Building, Grantmaking, International Development Training Programs, and Giving Circles.

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