Jenna Hudson, IPD ’19


Jenna standing in front of the Namati Banner at their Washington DC office.

As the Global Programs Fellow at Namati, I was fortunate to witness a kind of organizational team that I think is very important and should be incorporated into more international development organizations. During my time, my work varied, but generally focused on providing support across programs, using data to inform strategy, facilitating learning, and developing new areas of work. The photo journal at the bottom of this page provides a deeper look into my time at Namati, including professional insights for students. 

Generally speaking, being a part of a team that focuses on building Namati into a learning organization was a very eye-opening experience. This kind of work requires a lot of critical thinking, analysis, and what I call “strechiness” – the ability to challenge preconceived ideas and understandings while thinking systemically about problems and issues. The Global Programs team at Namati asks a lot of questions like “how do we know this is true”; “how do we spread our knowledge efficiently and effectively throughout the organization”; and, “how can our failures inform and improve our strategies”. And while at first it was an adjustment for the action-oriented side of my personality, I quickly grew to enjoy and appreciate the kind of work and practice the team is cultivating within the organization. It’s a kind of work is sorely needed in international development and fortunately is slowly gaining some traction. Given its growing presence, I chose to write a blog-style write-up of my experience to try to shed some light on the field of work and how students might prepare themselves to work in this arena. 

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