May 31 2013

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Shark cage diving in South Africa

Shark cage diving in South Africa

I am currently working on my masters at the Monterey School of International Studies, at the school of International Policy studies. My specialization is Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. My undergraduate was in Marine Science and a minor in Biology. I have always loved the ocean, and my childhood dream was to become a marine scientist. Now that I have achieved that goal, I am focusing on establishing policy in order to protect our precious ocean.

This summer I have the incredible opportunity to work with Save the Waves Coalition. They are dedicated to saving waves throughout the world while involving communities. My project will be based in Huanchaco, Peru and Pichilemu, Chile. I will be evaluating the value of the surf breaks in these small surfing towns. I hope to be able to contribute to the conservation of these areas while enjoying many days out in the water.