2015 Intern Spotlight: Caelin Weiss

Caelin Weiss
Home Institution: Colby College
Global Studies

“This internship provides access to experts in nonproliferation and disarmament studies that allow for you to gain an in-depth understanding of a variety of issues within the field. From country-specific expertise to highly detailed understandings of the physics behind nuclear weapons and the science behind other WMD, interning with CNS is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of these diverse and complicated issues. Whether you have previous experience in the field or you have no prior academic training with regards to nonproliferation and disarmament, the internship accommodates students who are eager to expand their knowledge. With lectures from experts and access to the extensive MIIS library, as well as a collaborative environment with other interns, everyone learns a significant amount about different topics within the field. The learning environment here is accessible and welcoming regardless of prior experience.”