2015 Intern Spotlight: Amelia Armitage


Amelia Armitage
Home Institution:
Brown University
Slavic Studies and History
CNS Project:

“My experience at CNS was incredibly positive. Though I had a brief introduction to nuclear issues through undergraduate coursework, the education I received as an intern at CNS allowed me to gain a solid foundation in the many facets of nonproliferation over the course of just one summer. In addition, I was able to produce substantive work in areas of interest, using and improving foreign language skills and increasing my technical literacy in weapons systems and nuclear energy technologies. The faculty are incredibly accessible and went out of their way to help the interns understand the critical issues in the field – whether through formal lectures (held near-daily throughout much of the summer) or impromptu kitchen conversations. Working as an intern as the Iran nuclear agreement was negotiated and signed allowed me access to scholars with direct insight into the deal’s provisions and its implications – an incredible opportunity and one for which I will be forever grateful.”