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Meet the Team Leaders for January 2013

Get to know the Team Leaders for January 2013

They each will be leading a group of participants in the practicum for January 2013.

Projects for Team El Salvador 7 to be announced soon! 

Kayla Rose Gilchrist

I am from Starbuck, Minnesota and moved to Spain as a teenager. I lived there for several years, completing my undergraduate degree in Literature and International Relations at St. Louis University in Madrid. I am a dual-degree IPS/T&I (Spanish) student and am very interested in working with the communities in the Bajo Lempa on their microcredit lending system as well as learning more about the process of valuating the mangroves from my fellow students in the IEP program! 


 Natalie Alfaro

(photo here)

I am from Carmel Valley, CA and completed my undergrad at Seattle Pacific University in Global Development Studies. I am a second year MPA student and I came to MIIS because I was excited to find a public administration program with a focus in international work and development. I look forward to working with Team El Salvador 7 this coming January and get my hands dirty with some field experience.

 Amy Kessler

I’m from Bowling Green, OH and I am doing the dual-degree MBA and IEP path, concentrating on the interaction between business and sustainable development.

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