If You Never Try, You Will Never Know – How Amy Liu (MATLM 2019) Landed Her Internship

Amy Liu (MATLM 2019) is going to intern at Linguitronics in Shanghai this summer. She shares what she has learned from her job search process in this posting.

*How did you find your job/internship?

That is a long story, but I will try my best to keep it short. Last year, I went to LocWorld 35 in Santa Clara as a volunteer. I met the manager from Linguitronics, an LSP from Shanghai and Taiwan. When I started to look fora summer internship, I contacted them and asked for an internship opportunity. It turned out they would not only offer me this internship as Localization Project Manager, but also sponsor me for round-trip air tickets and accommodations in Shanghai.

*What experiences at MIIS helped?

I have to say that I have benefited so much from MIIS. For instances, MIIS’ good reputation, career advertising, professional training, and so on. My first year’s immersive learning experience has piqued my interests and my curiosity drives me to ask questions in each information session, both on and off campus. Those conferences that were recommended by our professors are well-worth going. As for career advising, I think the Career Map that I completed during the New Student Orientation has definitely helped to crystalize my goals and approaches. I had several coaching sessions with my Advisor, Winnie Heh, about how to become confident in interviews and how to negotiate with interviewers. And this eventually led me to taking the course, The Art of Negotiation. Thanks to the techniques and skills I learned from that class, I got such a good deal for my internship in Shanghai.

*What advice would you share with MIIS students?

My experience here is just that I announced out loud that I needed a summer internship when I started looking. I reached out to everyone that I knew and asked for any possible opportunity. Not many classmates get what they wanted in the beginning, but so many have landed an internship before this semester ended. Maybe the advice I want to share with my fellow students is: keep trying. After all, if you never try, you will never know.

Winnie Heh

Career Advisor


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