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You helped us help you

This past Tuesday from 12-2 the DLC had a table set up on Samson Patio, accompanied by a mobile white board. We were staging an event to assess the needs of the student body in the final weeks of the Spring Semester. We wrote on the board: Come have your needs assessed! How can the DLC […]

So you want to record a Skype call?

This semester, the DLC has tried to understand what we can help YOU with. By conducting both software- and task-based needs assessments, we got a glimpse of how we can help the MIIS community better. One of the questions we were asked most repeatedly is “how can I record a Skype call?” To answer your […]

Digital Tools for Productivity & Time Management

Everything seems to exist and happen within the parameters of time. Einstein was intrigued by time and changed the 400 year dominance of the Newtonian concept of time with his theories of relativity. Building off of Einstein’s work (not really) Melissa and I wanted to explore time management and productivity through the best use of digital tools […]

Do ya Pecha Kucha?

Pe-cha-ku-cha? Hold up, before you think I’m insulting you, let’s talk about it. Pecha Kucha literally means “chit-chat” in Japanese, but in this context, it’s a style and method of presenting. So when I ask, “Do ya Pecha Kucha?” what I mean to ask you is, do you know how to rapidly present an idea in […]

Website Audit – Take 2!

GPayne checkin’ in! Amidst the rush of returning to school last week I made it a priority to check back in with Evelyn Helminen about my website. To get up to date on how this whole website audit thing started, click the link to my previous post. In my previous post I detail how Evelyn audited my […]

Infographics with Piktochart Workshop

Have you ever thought of creative ways to present your information, especially the important kind such as your resume? Have you ever tried to craft an attention-grabbing poster or handout? Unless you are a born artist, it could be challenging to make your information stand out. Fear not, this workshop will introduce you to the […]

Google Analytics Glossary

How Visitors Find Your Website Traffic Sources: Direct vs. Referral Traffic sources show you how users got to your site, and in Google Analytics are split into direct and referral traffic. Direct Traffic is made up of visitors that type a URL directly into the address bar, select an auto-complete option when typing the URL, or […]

Mind Mapping 101

Mind mapping sounds like something diabolical scientists do… but in actuality, it’s a simple tool to process the scope of work and direction for any project or idea. Like your average brainstorm, it usually starts with a circle in the center of a blank page, and expands with arrows out from the center connecting other free floating ideas, eventually […]

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