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Student Club Fair

Yesterday, February 6th, 2018, was the Student Club Fair at MIIS. I attended as there is a club in which I am creating, and through this, I met a lot of cool people with great ideas to collaborate and … Read the rest

WordPress Basics: from Zero to Hero

Have you tried developing a professional online presence with a personal website? Do you know the resources you can benefit from using your middlebury account?
Come with me as I take you through my journey of creating a website using … Read the …

FRI 11/17 Workshop: Multimedia + YOU

Join us next Friday 11/17 for a workshop on using multimedia for your professional presentation! 
During the first hour (2pm-3pm), we will walk you through “On-camera presentation skills” training such as…

Teleprompter reading!

DLC Office & Space changes

Refer to the map to see space changes. DLC Learning Lab and Design Space remain in the same location.
Staff in the Digital Learning Commons have recently moved offices as part of a larger organizational restructuring that &hel…

Audio Workshop!

Hey everyone, Interested in learning some basics of audio editing? Come out on Tuesday afternoon to have a run-through with yours truly, Kyle! Here, we will go over how to record in Audacity, how to cut and edit audio sources, … Read the rest

Excel Learning Series – Fall 2017

Are you looking to improve your Excel skills? Does the phrase Microsoft Excel make you nervous? Fear not friends, META LAB and the DLC are collaborating once again to provide a series of Excel workshops to support the MIIS community. … Read the …

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