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Salut tout le monde!
I would like to extend my gratitude to those students that came to our first BUILD class. I was so happy to see all seven of your faces and I really look forward to the semester to come!

A little recap of last Thursday:
We introduced our selves in an open brise glace with these questions: Build Brise Glace


We also filled this out: BUILD class 1

Considerations for this week’s class (Thursday October 6th at 6:30)

Real life” Introductions/Discussions:

Think about what ways you would like to know how to introduce yourself to real people. Outside of the classroom, or in “real-life” situations we don’t usually ramble off a list of things we do and or are interested in right off the bat. We usually covertly say these types of things through a conversation: “Oh you like cats? I have two cats! Their names are Rufus and Logan…” This task not only requires listening comprehension but on the spot problem solving. However, we don’t always have to tie connections. The simplest way for someone to get to know you is for them to ask you questions and vice-versa.Possible questions:

  • Salut/Bonjour, je m’appelle Kasey.

Yes this is not a question but it implies a response of your own name 🙂 .

  • Qu’est que tu/vous fais/faites dans le vie?

This question is seems like it’s open to interpretation but usually means what do you do for a living: work/student etc….

  • Qu’est ce que tu/vous fais/faites ici?

This question comes up a lot while abroad since when you’re staying somewhere for an extended period of time its often not just for leisure.

  • Qu’est que tu/vous aimes/aimez faire?
  • Où est ce que tu/vous as/avez grandi?

Where did you grow up?

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