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Today we played karuta, a Japanese game to practice reading hiragana!

We learned the remaining hiragana characters and you’ll get used to reading these as you learn more vocabulary.

We’ve uploaded the handouts from today and have included the power point pictures, too.

Please post any comments or questions or you can email me at: kimbym@gmail.com

Hiagana chart 

Katakana chart 

Vocabulary practice (some used in the Karuta game)

Blank squares to practice writing

Youtube video to for hiragana practice

Thank you for coming today– it was nice to see familiar faces and to meet new friends, too!

A special thank you to new sensei, Karen (did you know she also teaches BUILD Cantonese?) and Tetsuko sensei for visiting our class!

Minasan, doumo arigatou!!

Ja ne, mata raishuu….!  (See you next week!!)

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