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Faculty Spotlight: Gordon M. Hahn

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Visiting Assistant Professor Gordon M. Hahn, who holds a joint appointment with GSIPM and the Monterey Terrorism Research & Education Program (MonTREP), has been logging some serious research miles lately!

Dr. Hahn appeared on Russia Today’s “Crosstalk” television program on Thursday, March 11th,  to discuss international jihadism and jihad in Russia’s North Caucasus.  A video of the program can be found on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQqba85wDGM.

On Monday, March 8th, Dr. Hahn was the featured speaker for the Palo Alto World Affairs Council, where he presented his research on “Great Decisions” discussing Russia and its near abroad (foreign republics which emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union).

On the same day, Dr. Hahn was interviewed and quoted for a Russian language “Voice of America” article on a recent successful counter-terrorism operation in which a leading Caucasus Emirate, Mujahed Said Abu Saad Buryastii (born Aleksandr Tikhomirov), was killed.  The article, “Seperatisty grozyt Rossii novymi vylazkami” by Aleks Grigorev, can be read at http://wwwl.voanews.com/russian/news/Analysis-and-perspectives/checnya-Update-umarov-2010-03-08-86945147.html.

Interested in any of the above topics?  To learn more about Dr. Hahn’s research, feel free to review his frequent contributions to the online forum Russia: Other Points of View.

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