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Professor Cohen’s New Book Reviewed on New York Times

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Professor Avner Cohen’s new book, “The Worst-Kept Secret,” is featured on the Books of the Times section of the New York Times today. Some highlights of the review:

“His 1998 book, “Israel and the Bomb” was deservedly praised for exposing the history of Israel’s nuclear weapons program with clarity and precision. “The Worst-Kept Secret” expands on this history through analysis and advocacy. Unlike most critics of Israel’s nuclear policy Mr. Cohen supports its decision to build and maintain the bomb. But he says that refusing to acknowledge this arsenal or foster internal discussion about it is now counterproductive.”

“Agree or not — and Mr. Cohen acknowledges that a vast majority in Israel considers opacity a success — this exploration of the issues is thoughtful, measured and deep, and very much worthy of wide consideration.”

“The Worst-Kept Secret” is now available in hardcover.

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