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Five Monterey Institute Students Land Prestigious Fulbright Awards

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Five students from the Monterey Institute of International Studies will receive Fulbright awards for the 2011-2012 academic year, the most U.S. student awards received in the Institute’s 56-year history.

The Five MIIS students receiving Fulbright awards this year are:

1. Elizabeth Reid, an Arabic-speaking attorney with expertise in illegal markets, who will work with the Jordanian government to stem illegal pilfering of precious antiquities from the nation’s archeological sites.
2.  Bonnie Holman, an expert in carbon markets and forest conservation, who will evaluate Ecuador’s national program to combine carbon sequestration, forest protection, and economic development.
3.  Lindsey Bowman who, building on a prior year-long experience in rural Colombia, will teach English and promote local economic development in Brazil.
4.  Rebecca Noreen, an expert in English language instruction and cross-cultural communication, who will spend a year in Panama sharing cutting edge teaching methodologies with English language instructors.
5.  Bill Reinecke, a French-speaking social entrepreneur, who will work with a 3,500-member agricultural cooperative in Burkina Faso to strengthen financial and ecological performance of their key product, “shea” butter.

Over the past four years, MIIS students have landed a grand total of four Fulbrights. Clearly, landing five Fulbrights in a single year marks a significant change. Prior to this year, the most U.S. Fulbrights MIIS ever landed in a single year was 2005-2006, when we received four Fulbrights and ranked #1 nationwide in our category. We have set a new record.

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  •   Nelle Sacknoff
    June 1st, 2011 at 5:17 pm    

    This is unbelievable! Congrats to all! I’m so thrilled to hear this. Rebecca, please be in touch with as they have recently launched a brand new and innovative program with the Ministry of Education in Panama in the capital and outside and would be thrilled to meet and collaborate with you!

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