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Professor Glynn Wood to serve on National Nominating Panel for Boren Scholarship

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MIIS professor, Glynn Wood is traveling to Washington D.C. in order to serve on the National Nominating Panel for the Boren Scholarship Program for undergraduates.

The Borne website states:

The panels consist of faculty members and administrators representing diverse fields of study from colleges and universities from across the United States. The regional panels will make initial recommendations, and the national nominating panel will designate scholarship finalists to the National Security Education Program Office.

The Boren Newsletter further states:

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is pleased to announce the tremendous response to the recent competition for the National Security Education Program David L. Boren Fellowships and Scholarships. 

This year, there were 499 applications for the Boren Fellowships and 896 applications for the Boren Scholarships. Both programs saw applications increase nearly 30 percent compared to last year’s figures. 

All Boren applications are reviewed in a two-tiered process. This month, the applications are reviewed preliminarily based on world region. Each regional merit panel recommends a set number of applications to be reviewed by the national nominating panel. In mid-late April, the national nominating panels for the Boren Fellowships and the Boren Scholarships will meet to review the results of the regional panels and make final recommendations.

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