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Professor Jan Black Receives Official Support to Participate in The Global Summit 2012

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Jan Black, MIIS professor and human rights activist has received official support to participate in The Global Summit in the Summer of 2012. The location will be in London, England.

Professor Black will be participating as an Honorary Chair and Special Advisor on Human Rights. 

The Global Summit is a social, economic and environmental forum uniting the solutions that benefit the greatest number of beings with those who have the power to help bring them into being.

It was co-founded in 2008 and further developed in 2010 in San Francisco, USA by hundreds of social innovators, sustainable business leaders and visionary organizations. Together they laid the bedrock for a new system of collaboration with the potential to change history.

In preparing for its third biennial meeting, The Global Summit has embraced humanity’s greatest living example of a peaceful convergence and is now set to coincide with the Summer and Winter Olympic Games through 2020.

The Global Summit 2012 will be held August 15 – 17 in Olympic East London, England at the London Pleasure Gardens.

More than an event, The Global Summit advances a whole system approach to sustainable social, economic and environmental change.

Uniting people hands-on, and online in shaping solutions to the issues that most affect them, The Global Summit is a catalyst for community-led action throughout the year.

Through The Global Summit, each participant meets their specific, individual goals within the broader context of creating a more sustainable future for Humanity.



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