Maren Haas

Maren Haas 2

MIIS Program: International Education Management, Fall 2016


Traveling during J-Term to: Madrid, Spain


A look at a past immersive learning experience…


Leaving the comforts of electricity, water and English behind, I left for the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. I entered into the realm of heat, French and animism. I served as a Math teacher in the rural town of Lalgaye. The following is just a glimpse into my daily life over the two years.


What woke you up in the morning?
 Picture your favorite dinosaur. Imagine it screaming. Now put that sound in the mouth of a donkey. And finally, put the donkey outside of your window at five in the morning. It was the best alarm, it was the worst alarm, and the cry of the rooster soothes you back to sleep.


Most memorable experience?
As we were reached the edge of a pond, the gentleman yelled at the children to get out of the water before starting to chant.  He stopped to explain to us that he was calling upon the sacred crocodiles to come greet their visitors. My friend and I glanced at each other, wondering what had we gotten ourselves into. Five minutes past, when suddenly a crocodile appeared and approached us, coming out of the water. When the man stopped chanting, the crocodile stopped walking.  A frog on a string was bounced on the crocodile’s head, taunting without even a flinch from the reptile. It wasn’t until the chanting restarted that the crocodile snapped up the frog and returned to the water, where the children were once again splashing and playing.


Tweet of advice?
Soak up the sun where the screaming donkeys roam, your bliss is waiting #RefrigeratorFreeLife #WestAfricaLiving

Digital Story: Spain

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