This semester in Intro to CAT, we learned the CAT tool Trados. We basically covered every feature it has to offer. After we learned all that, we simulated a real life translation project where we experienced firsthand what it was like to work as a language service provider.

Here’s what our group did.

Project Proposal and Kickoff Meeting

First all of, we received our source content which was a 1469-word-long word doc about China’s healthcare that the client needed to be translated from English to Simplified Chinese. Then we prepared a project proposal based on that. In the project proposal, we described the project specifications and goals, laid out the timeline of the entire project, prepared a quote based on Trados reports and services needed, listed the resources required, and outlined the different stages of the project.

After that, we had our kickoff meeting with the client. It was a video conference where we went over the project proposal and communicated about the problems on both sides.

Project Implementation

After we had our kickoff meeting, we began to implement the project. There were altogether 3 stages of the project. The first stage was preparation where we prepared the source content for translation. During the stage of preparation, we ran a Trados report, did a pseudo translation, created a translation memory, added a term base, prepared a glossary, and came up with a style guide.

The second stage was production where translation, editing, and proofreading came in. We translated the content in Trados. While translating, we also kept updating and maintaining the translation memory to ensure consistency of the target language. Once translation was completed, the content was sent to the editing process where the editor would adjust the target language and formatting based on the style guide. After that, the content would go through proofreading where the proofreader would check the translation product to make sure that there were no major or minor mistakes and that we met all the requirements set by the client.

The last stage was finalization where we carried out the final verification and review. After making sure all things were in place, we delivered our product to the client.

Presentation on Lessons Learned

After we completed the translation project, we made a presentation about what we learned throughout the entire project. In our slides, we mentioned a lot of things we learned from doing this project.

First of all, because this was our first real life project, we got to experience many things that we couldn’t have experienced in class, like talking to the client, preparing a proposal, and having a project kickoff meeting. At the same time, we also came across many problems, but we learned to overcome them and find solutions. And since this was a team effort, we built a strong team relationship and carried out great team work because we learned how to cooperate with each other and coordinate our differences. Most importantly, with what we gained from this project, we will be more experienced and capable to handle future projects.