Bitcoin, what is it?

Welcome to the MFC series on Bitcoin! Over the next few weeks, we will look into how Bitcoin is used, created, and traded. And see if the benefits of using Bitcoin outweigh the risks. Looking to purchase items online, but want to stay anonymous? Try Bitcoin. Interested in sending money to a friend, but don’t … Continue reading »

Bitcoin / In the Headlines

Bitcoin is once again making front page news. But this time for being used in Money Laundering.

The CEO Charlie Shrem of BitInstanst bitcoin exchange and underground bitcoin exchanger Robert Faielle have been charged with Money Laundering, according to NPR. It is a rare chance for the field of anti money laundering to make headlines, yet it is not a surprise. After months of controversy surrounding the new, and untraceable currency called … Continue reading »


Elder Fraud

A very common, though often underreported, form of financial crime is elder fraud. According to Barbara Repa, J.D., there are more than 5 million cases of fraud targeting older adults in the U.S. every year. However, only 1 in 25 cases is reported to law enforcement. There are countless ways to commit elder fraud, but … Continue reading »

In the Middle East

Setad: The Ayatollah’s Assets

  In recent months, after years without formal diplomatic relations, the once frigid relationship between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran began to thaw. Analysts have speculated that the shift in Iranian policy is the result of crippling economic sanctions placing sufficient pressure on the newly elected, moderate-seeming President Hassan Rouhani. However, … Continue reading »