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Editorial Staff

Devon Blount


Devon Blount is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the MIIS Financial Crimes Blog. Blount is currently a graduate student at MIIS working on a degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies. As a part of her degree program, she studies terrorism financing, money flow, and financial crimes, while maintaining her competency of both Russian and Spanish. When not reading about Pablo Escobar or trying to pick up another language, Devon can be found exploring the restaurants of any city.

Contributing Authors

Bonnie Hoops

Bonnie is a Fall 2013 Monterey Institute graduate.

Dave Perryman


Dave Uyehara-Perryman is a Fall 2013 Monterey Institute graduate. As part of his BA/MA duel degree program, he studied security issues with a focus on foreign and domestic extremist activities, anti money-laundering/counter terrorism-financing, illicit activities/markets, etc. When not dodging bullets and boogie boarding this past summer in Mogadishu, Somalia, he was in Salinas, California with his wife working at oh! Baby, a re-used children’s goods store that they own.

Ghazal Rhamanpanah

GR Pic

Ghazal is a graduate student at MIIS, working on a dual degree MA/MBA in International Policy Studies and International Management. As part of her current Master’s program, her studies are focused on the illicit arms trade, gender and development as well as emerging markets, anti money-laundering/counter terrorism-financing and the impact of sanctions on illicit markets. Originally born in Tehran, Iran, she grew up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area where she received her BA in Political Science and History from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Jackie Rieger

Jackie is a graduate student at MIIS working toward a degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism studies.