Guest Writer Submissions

The MIIS Financial Crimes Blog is currently accepting guest submissions. All guest submissions should meet and consider the following guidelines to be evaluated for publishing to the MIIS Financial Crime (MFC) Blog.

  1. Current students and alumni of the Monterey Institute of International Studies are encouraged to submit articles related to financial crimes to the MFC Blog.
  2. All guest submissions must be relevant to the blog audience and must not include marketing related links, or be entirely self promotional.
  3. Should exceed no more than 500 words & include at headline; any submissions that exceed this limit will be edited to an appropriate length by the MFC Blog editors.
  4. Must be original content that has not been published elsewhere online or in print.
  5. Topics should not have been previously covered by or in a current series of the MFC Blog.
  6. Preferable, but not required: a picture accompaniment with source credit & references to other blog posts on the MFC Blog website.
  7. Guest bloggers should submit a short bio of no more than 50 words to be included after their article and may include a contact email address.
  8. All links included in the article should be included by the guest writer as full hyperlinks per the following example, which the Editor-in-Chief will later insert to create an internal hyperlink: “The MFC Blog ( is now accepting guest submissions.”
  9. MFC Blog editors reserve the write to edit all content submitted to the MFC Blog.
  10. Publishing of guest posts will be done at the discretion of the MFC Editor-in-Chief and may be published without advanced notice. Please check the blog each Friday for new posts.
  11. After 5 or more published guest submissions of varying topics, guest bloggers can (at their request) be considered for the role of Contributing Author.
  • Articles of Contributing Authors are edited at the discretion of the writer and published each Friday after submission to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Contributing Authors are featured on the “About” page with a photo.
  • Contributing Authors are eligible to create a multi-part series such as “Dave’s DIY Financial Crimes” or the Bitcoin Series.
  • Word limit for Contributing Authors is 750-1000 words and occasionally longer.

We hope to receive your submissions! Please understand that these guidelines make it more feasible for the MFC blog to remain editorially uniform and easily accept guest submissions. Any included pictures, bullet points, or other creative ways of creating a visually appealing article are greatly appreciated. Please send all questions and submissions to