Why Supply Chain Management is Front and Center in Today’s Businesses

photo_rogers_daleDr. Dale Rogers of Rutgers University presented “Why Supply Chain Management is Front and Center in Today’s Businesses” as part of the GSIPM Dean’s Seminar Series on October 25th, 2012.

Dr. Dale Rogers is Co-Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University. He was instrumental in building the two highly successful SCM programs at the University of Nevada and Rutgers University, measured by national rankings and graduate internship and job placements. Dr. Rogers believes that SCM is taking the center stage in addressing the key sustainability issues in today’s businesses. It is the nexus for the environmental impact, social impact, and ethical behavior of contemporary business and management. In other words, SCM is general management with substance.

Listen to Dr. Rogers’s experience in developing winning degree programs and his vision on sustainable business education.