“Voice, Audio, & Story,” with Barbara Ganley & Friends

With an emphasis on understanding the deep complexity of the human voice and the soundscapes we live in, this hands-on workshop explored what happens when we turn off the visual and turn up our attention to the voices and sounds around us.  The session was offered in collaboration with Barbara Ganley, a former Middlebury writing professor, and DLC expert-in-residence on community development and digital storytelling.

Students, faculty, and staff joined the Digital Learning Commons team for our first ever live MIIS Radio broadcast.  Listen to the recording for insight from an esteemed panel of experts including: Sarah Kramer, Emmy and Peabody award winning multimedia journalist from the New York Times and StoryCorps; Andrea Olsen, Professor of Dance and the John C. Elder Professor of Environmental Studies at Middlebury College; Alan Levine, Open Education renegade and instructor of the DS106 ”MOOC”, and Barbara Sawhill, Oberlin College Spanish language teacher extraordinaire.Join our live audience to participate in the conversation about the possibilities of human connection through digital audio, the neuroscience of storytelling, and innovative digital storytelling initiatives.

Participants learned about MIIS Radio, Blogs @ MIIS, Midd Media, and MiddLab@MIIS as platforms for documenting academic research and field experiences for academic and professional purposes.   Tools and practical implications for how digital audio can be used in field research, storytelling and documentary were also discussed.