Live from the first Social Hour!

MIIS Radio is back! Live from the first Social Hour: summer reflections, first week surprises, and hopes for the upcoming year

​ThisSocial Hour 8.28 installment of MIIS Radio features voices from the first MIIS social event of the year, the Student Services Social Hour. In the cool 80-degree Monterey evening, students mingled on the Samson Patio, sipping beverages served by the ever-enthusiastic members of Student Council, telling stories, and enjoying a break after a long first week. Whether a new or returning student, everyone agreed that the first week had its store of stress, stimulation, and surprises. Corinne Smith reports live from the event.

Special thanks to contributors Emma Tonge, Yuki Goto, Emily Summerlin, Lynn Rampe, Lucy Jobe, Amanda Liles, Ayako Yamada, Briun Greene, and David Richards.

Featuring “La Paix” by Amadou and Mariam, off their 2004 album Dimanche Á Bamako.