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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Isabel Scal

Hi! My name is Isabel Scal. I am a rising junior at Middlebury College majoring in International and Global Studies with a focus in Global Security. My major is extremely broad, so I’ve had the opportunity to explore topics from humanitarian aid to religion and violence. Recently, I took a course on nuclear arms control, which sparked my interest in furthering that knowledge through the CNS Fellowship. I hope to bring my interdisciplinary studies with me into the field of nonproliferation as I conduct my research, and I’m excited to see where this work takes me! At Middlebury, I’m a dancer, ski instructor, and public speaking coach. I love the outdoors, particularly hiking and skiing. I also love adventures so hopefully I will be able to travel to Spain next spring to study abroad. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone virtually this summer! 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Hannah Rigdon

Hannah Rigdon (she/her) is a rising senior at Middlebury College where she studies Geography and Computer Science. Originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey, she is quarantining with her family in Kensington, MD. A winter term course on nonproliferation tools and technologies sparked her interest in learning more about how geospatial analysis and remote sensing can be applied to the study and promotion of nuclear nonproliferation. Outside of academics, Hannah is excited about local food systems, arts and crafts, and spending time outside with her dog.

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Brooke Lennox

Brooke Lennox is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. She graduated with majors in Psychology and International Studies with a concentration in Global Security and a minor in Russian language. She has interned with the National Security Archive and also wrote a senior honors thesis on the influence of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy on its sovereignty from Russia. She is passionate about traveling and has spent a semester in St. Petersburg, Russia studying Russian language and US-Russian Affairs. In her free time, she likes to spend her time outside running, swimming, and rock climbing! 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Tamar Furman

Hi, my name is Tamar Furman! I’m a rising senior at Bryn Mawr College just outside of Philadelphia pursuing double majors in Political Science and French and Francophone studies. I’m particularly drawn to international relations, security studies, and all forms of political philosophy. When on campus, I work as a Writing Center tutor while also volunteering as an income tax preparer for VITA, the IRS free tax preparation program. This summer, I will also be working as an intern at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), recording data on weapons and tactics used in global terrorist incidents and further exploring the activities of armed non-state actors. Given my lack of previous experience studying weapons of mass destruction or nuclear nonproliferation regimes, I’m especially excited by this chance to learn and gain new experience! In my free time, I enjoy nighttime walks, tinkering with new recipes, visiting aquariums and keeping cool by tubing on South Texas’ many rivers. 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Decker Eveleth

Note: The fellow has requested to not have their photo posted.

My name is Decker Eveleth and I am a senior at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, studying political science and sociology through Reed’s interdisciplinary International & Comparative Policy Studies program. I am writing my undergraduate thesis on how secrecy and compartmentalization affects how nuclear weapon program organizations operate. My interests include tracking the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force’s missile developments and deployments, as well as tracking missile proliferation in the Middle East. I hope to expand on these interests with the skillsets I will learn through the Fellowship. I am particularly interested in utilizing 3D modeling software to expand on my ability to analyze ground-truth imagery. 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Meg Anderson

Meg Anderson is a senior at Cornell University studying Political Science with minors in Near Eastern Studies, Arabic, and International Development. Meg is from rural Steamboat Springs, CO. She has lived in Zambia conducting research on civil society and women’s health and in Jordan, where she pursued the study of the Arabic language. Her academic interests include conflict resolution, disaster relief, food security, and intelligence. In her free time, she is President of the Cornell Varsity Polo Team, a journalist for Global Girlhood, and a lover of skiing, baking, and films.  

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Ryan Buscaglia

My name is Ryan Buscaglia. I am a 4th year undergraduate student studying Political and Social Thought and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia. In the Fall of 2019, I worked on a project to inform norms for the use of unmanned systems with the Hacking for Defense course at UVA. This summer, I’ll also serve as an intern with the National Security Innovation Network. I am motivated by bringing human-centered focus to address complex national security problems. My research interests broadly include arms control, nonproliferation, autonomous systems, and nationalism. I also run on the UVA track and field/cross country team, and in my free time one can find me running around trails in Charlottesville, Virginia.   

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: G. Jameson Crouse

Hi! My name is  Jameson. I am a rising Junior at The College of William & Mary (W&M) in Williamsburg, Virginia. For the past year, in addition to my academic coursework, I have been conducting nuclear non-proliferation technical and policy research under W&M’s Global Research Institute (GRI). Outside of academic pursuits, my interests include sailing and backpacking. I am a member of the W&M Sailing Club; we sail FJ’s competitively and for fun. I am the incoming president of The W&M chapter of The Alexander Hamilton Society, an international relations club. While at CNS I am looking forward to working with other like-minded Fellows as we expand our knowledge and understanding of the nonproliferation regime. I am also excited for the opportunity to participate in the simulation(s) this summer and in January 2021. 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Elsie Zhang

I am a rising senior majoring in Political Science at Middlebury College. I’m from Xi’an, China, and lived there before coming to the US for college. During my two years at Middlebury, I was a member of the Japanese House, Language Tables, and Language in Motion. I also pursued policy-making initiatives by working at  the Environmental Council and the  Academic Integrity Committee under the Faculty Council. I spent my junior year abroad at International Christian University in Tokyo and Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, creative writing (in Mandarin mixing with English and Japanese), doing community-engaged work, spending time with people of different cultural backgrounds, and playing guzheng (Chinese zither). I also spent a summer as a puppeteer trainee at Tonda Bunraku Puppetry Troupe in Shiga, Japan. 

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2020 Undergraduate Fellow Spotlight: Sam Naumann

Hi! My name is Samuel Naumann and I am a senior at Middlebury College. We have a strange system here at Middlebury where a portion of the class graduates in February and I am a part of that class graduating as 2020.5. I am a political science and Arabic double major at Middlebury. I have really enjoyed my studies so far. I love the outdoors, especially when I am skiing or hiking or fishing! I went to Jordan to study abroad and studied Arabic there. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I love to hear about adventures and stories, so please share them with me if you ever get the chance! The study of nuclear political theory is both interesting and extremely important, and I am so happy that I have this opportunity to work with all of you on this pressing issue. I am looking forward to this summer, and hope that everyone is happy and healthy!  

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