2016 Project

Global Nuclear Vulnerability:
Lessons for a More Secure and Peaceful World

The 2016 CIF Spring Conference was a great success ! High school students from Japan, US and Russia were joined by former US Secretary of Defense, Dr. William Perry and his daughter Robin Perry. Dr. Perry saluted the CNS for “pioneering” nonproliferation and disarmament education and congratulated the participants of the conference. Dr. Perry emphasized that “the best way to deal with this nuclear problem is through education, and education has to start young, at high school.” 

Group picture

NEW!! Please see CIF Spring 2016 Conference Booklet for the detailed program!

Students from Japan and Russia joined American students to discuss how to reduce nuclear dangers. Former US Defense Secretary, Dr. William Perry, graced us with his presence and motivated our students to increase the momentum towards a world without nuclear weapons. The conference was held on April 15 and April 16 at Santa Catalina School in Monterey, one of the participating schools in the CIF and a cosponsor of the Spring Conference.

 The CIF Spring Conference was made possible by the generous support by the United States Japan Foundation and the Tokyo Club, cosponsored by Santa Catalina School.