Tips for Engagement

Tips for Engagement

Guidelines: How to start your engagement in nuclear disarmament 

   1. Seek out information on the field! 

Knowledge is power. Your education starts from getting information.

You can easily access resources from the New to the field?, Diving Deeper, and “Check out other programs” pages.  

   2.  Join events and apply for opportunities 

There are many opportunities you can join!

Follow your interests and keep your eyes on contests, open positions, mentorship programs, and more!  

   3. Contact people you like and get to know them more 

Have you found anybody you liked a lot at an event?  

Just reach out to them, read their work, follow them on Twitter! Experts at all levels are happy to help the next generation to grow!  

   4. Take it a step further 

Find and do what you love! 

    • Talk to your family and friends 
    • Expand network, find allies! 
    • Start a club or organization 

Create your own space to talk about what you have learned. The key for success is do what you love and go to where you feel called. Be you! 

We want to help CIF participants, alumni and anyone interested in nuclear disarmament to get connected. Please follow our social media accounts. 


CIF Spring Conference in Nagasaki

CIF Spring Conference in Nagasaki