2017 Student Spotlight

Imari Yasuno

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“Overall, in my experiences through the CIF program, I was able to make friends from the USA, Russia, and other prefectures of Japan. By touring Dejima, sharing delicious meals and deep discussion at Kwassui Cafeteria, I absorbed interesting cultures different from Japanese. Talking frankly about peace, our own culture, or related chats, I felt as if there was no border between us. Having felt this, I really want to feel this relationship in the international society, too. All CIF participants have one vision which strives for a world without nuclear weapons.”

Sarah Bitter

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“From my experience with the CIF program, I am certain that nuclear weapons should never be used again, and I am interested in becoming a lawyer to help the non-proliferation cause. I currently participate in Mock Trial, a legal club at my school, in which I learn how to present and defend legal arguments, and the CIF program has given me a purpose with which to use those skills.”

Manan Ajay Shah

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By immersing himself in Japanese culture, observing the destruction caused by nuclear weapons, and listening to Hibakusha relate their personal experiences, Manan was able to understand the issue of nuclear disarmament in a unique manner. Hearing Dr. Lassina Zerbo (the Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization) affirm the importance of youth activism to promote a nuclear weapon-free world both furthered Manan’s resolve and provided hope for the future, setting an optimistic tone at the conclusion of the conference.

Kokoro Tanaka

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“Since this CIF conference was the first one to be held in Nagasaki, my hometown, all of us worked very hard to have successful outcome. The significance of hosting such a conference in Nagasaki, which experienced the atomic bomb, will have a long-term impact. I learned the importance of cooperation and team work through this experience.”

Lesly Tobon

Lesly Tobon, left, speaking at the 2017 CIF Conference

Lesly Tobon, a Senior at Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School in Los Angeles, recently published an article on the Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles website. The article can be read here.