8495400991_5283f0be91_o January 2017 will mark the launch of a new concept for the Design, Partnering, Management, and Innovation (DPMI) Program. Participants will consult with a local or international development  SCO for 1-3 weeks and learn the approach to project development that is widely used in bilateral and multinational organizations such as USAID, the World Bank and UNDP. Client projects are available in Cairo and Medellin in January and in Washington D.C. over Spring Break.

By engaging in a highly interactive, participatory, student-centered learning community, you’ll prepare to:

  • Design and manage real-world projects
  • Facilitate participatory community development
  • Promote social entrepreneurship and strategic partnering

If you plan to apply for one of the client projects , you may email your client interests to Carolyn Meyer at cmtaylor@miis.edu, as she will be scoping the projects.

Note: DPMI Client projects do not fulfill the prerequisite for DPMI Plus, but students can take this course as well as one of the DPMI trainings offered in Monterey, DC or Rwanda.

Contact dpmi@miis.edu to learn more.