Budget & Logistics

Dates Jan. 7-25 (updated)
Vaccinations & Prescriptions 0
Visa a/o Edit/Entry Fees/Tourist Card 60
Third Party Program Fee (Logistics, Room & Board may be included) 1300

($872 if student is not staying in homestay; must notify E2E by Nov. 21)

MIIS Program Fee 0
Lodging inc
Food (not included in program fee) 225
Local Transportation/Site Visits/Flight inc.
Airfare 800
Airport Transportation 30
Misc. (snacks, meals not covered by program fee, toiletries, etc.) 100
Total 2515


There are no visa requirements or entry fees if you plan to stay in Colombia for less than 90 days. However, some airlines do require that you present a returning flight confirmation before you are you able to board the flight coming to Colombia.


There are two airports in Medellin. The local airport is Olaya Herrera, but most of you will probably be flying into Jose Maria Cordova (MDE). This airport is the International Airport for Medellin but it located in Rio Negro, which is about an hour outside of the city.

There are a couple options for transport from the airport:

Taxi– A yellow Medellin taxi from the airport will cost you 70.000 COP. This is a flat rate no matter where you go in the city.

Bus– There is an airport bus that costs 9.000 COP. The bus will drop you off at San Diego mall, where you can easily catch a cab to wherever you need to go in the city.

Colectivo– These shared taxi prices will depend on how many people end up sharing the ride, but will usually run you 10.000-20.000 COP


Taxi – All taxis aside from the ones you catch from the airport will be metered taxis so always make sure the meter is turned on when you enter. At night time it is safer to call a taxi or use a taxi app rather than hail a taxi on the street.

Metro – Medellin has a cheap, modern, efficient metro system. Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices at the station before you travel for 2,150 COP. The metro can be crowded during peak hour so we recommend you avoid travelling on the metro at these times. For a route map visit: https://www.metrodemedellin.gov.co/Viajeconnosotros/Mapas.aspx

Bus – Buses service most parts of Medellin. Fares typically cost 1800-2000 COP and are paid directly to the driver. For route maps visit: http://www.transporteenlinea.com


The first week of the program you will attending our Taller para la Gestión de Impacto Social (TGIS). The course begins at 9am Tuesday January 10, so plan to arrive with ample time to get settled. The course location will be confirmed closer to the date.


Many tourists and expats stay or live in El Poblado. El Poblado is close to many restaurants and bars and is usually safe, even at night. Within El Poblado the neighborhoos Manila is popular. Quiter options to stay in are the suburbs of Envigado and Laureles/Estadio. All of these neighbourhoods are accessible by bus and metro.


The currency in Colombia is Colombian Pesos (COP). US$1 is worth around 3000 COP. There are numerous ATMs around Medellin. Credit cards are accepted in a lot of restaurants, most hostels and supermarkets.

A typical meal in Medellin will cost you 10.000-15.000 COP, while a meal at a higher-end restaurant will cost 15.000-30.000 COP. Beers will typcally cost 4-4500 COP.


If you wish to purchase a local SIM cards during your stay in Colombia then Movistar, Tigo and Claro are the major providers. Cheap, prepaid plans are available. However, WiFi is common in all hostels, most cafes and restaurants, and even some public spaces.